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Food For Thought

July 22, 2017

Not every thought or book that contains them needs to long,complex or exhaustive to be impact full. THE PASTOR’S UNAUTHORIZED INSTRUCTION BOOK: What every Church Leader Ought to Know by R. Michael and Rebecca Sanders (Abingdon Press, 1995) is a small unassuming book filled with 256 proverbs to instruct or remind pastors and Christian leaders what they already know or ought to know. The context of the book includes several “elements of practical advice on issues more in tune to main line denominational situations like those ” about parsonage living that by in large does not exist in many ecclesiastical traditions any longer but still helpful principles about dealing with congregational and clergy interaction can be discerned. Some times being reminded of what you know already can come in handy. Wise Saying #76 states, “Resist the temptation for cute and flip remarks to all stupid questions and comments”. Just days after reading this I walked in to a gathering where someone remarked (incorrectly) to me loudly and publicly, “Your Late!” Immediately and with out conscious thought  the words formed in my mind, “Perhaps, but you are obnoxious” and “That’s Reverend Doctor late to you!” Of course neither of those responses was appropriate thankfully before the words were spoken this proverb popped into my head allowing my brain to engage and so  my mouth remained closed and   unkind words were not spoken, much to my relief upon further reflection. We all need reminders! I am considering  how I can share a proverb or two in the opening movement of my classes in pastoral ministry preparation beginning this coming fall.

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