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Moving Toward Remarkable

July 26, 2017

Recently on a trans-Atlantic flight looking for a way to “invest” a couple of hours I came across an audio book which I began listening to in order to stay awake. The impact of the book went much deeper than just beating jet lag. In fact I spent the next 2 hours scratching notes and ideas into my “Daytimer” on every thing from personal and family thoughts to applications for my work at my university and the church I serve.So it was only natural that when I got home one of my first tasks was to order a hardback copy of the book. THE BIG MOO:Stop Trying To Be Perfect and Start Being Remarkable edited by Seth Godin (Penguin Books, 2005). This collection of essays from 33 different authors covered a wide gambit of business and leadership issues. Tom Peters headlines an all star cast of writers who are not specified with their respective essays but work under the title, THE GROUP OF 33. The article titles are as interesting as the articles them selves like, Harry Houdini Was A Lousy Magician and How To Make Money With Garlic or  Tuesdays with Shecky: A Play In Three Jokes. Not all of the chapter are equality interesting or well written but I guarantee this book will make you think new thoughts, challenge some of your old ones and act as a spring board for long term personal applications. It is worth noting that 100% of the authors proceeds go directly to charity. allows for a 10 chapter preview and includes other helpful links as well. Worth checking out on line, as a read or even a listen!!

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