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“Extraordinary” Youth Ministry Resource

August 4, 2017

For years students have come to me and asked for youth ministry resources that have a connection to church history and the development of theological doctrines until now I had only secondary sources not specifically focused toward youth application or developmentally appropriate for younger students. Thankfully CHARACTER COUNTS: 40 Youth Ministry Devotions from Extraordinary Christians By Karl Levthauser (Group, 1999) has come across my desk and become my “go to” resource in these areas. Each of the chapter includes a “character trait” to be explored and a short biographical sketch designed to be read by the leaders= or a students along with active  learning element, follow up discussion question and application points. The line up of individules from the pages of Church History is impressively diverse including such popular figures as C.S. Lewis, Martin Luther, Billy Graham and Jim Elliot along with lesser well known leaders like Anthony of Egypt, Karl F.A Gulzlaff, Augustine, Callistus I, Francis Xavier and Maximilian Kolbe who have great lessons to teach 21st century students. Also included in each chapter is a “Sidelight”  that includes insights in to the individules life and ministry to provoke deeper further examination or clarify a theological movement or controversy. This is truly a great if generally underappreciated book and ministry tool. Perhaps the current trend toward deeper theological reflection and interaction with our students made this book a little before its time but the material is as timeless in 2017 as it was in 1999. If you are interested in helping your students grow deeper and wider in these subjects as well as spiritual formation get your hands on a copy of this book you will not be sorry!

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