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In The Shepherd’s Arms

August 9, 2017

During  study for a recent sermon that included references to Psalm 23 I spent some time with some classic books on the subject including The Treasury Of David by Spurgeon, A Shepard Looks At The 23 Psalm by Keller and a new favorite SAFE IN THE SHEPHERD’S ARMS: Hope and Encouragement From Psalm 23 by Max Lucado (2002, Thomas Nelson). The book showcases the themes of the Psalm from all of Lucado’s writings and arranges them with pictures and Scripture. The book includes all I have come to expect from Max from the great stories both from his own life and history to the memorable, “Mike Drop” statements like, “When you have the Shepherd you do indeed have everything you will ever need” The book was helpful in putting finishing touches on the sermon but it was also an encouragement to my soul. Of special note was the section “I Will Dwell In The House Of The Lord Forever pages 109-114 it captured powerfully the important idea as a Christian I am never really “home” until heaven which explains the reoccurring sense of unease, loss, and longing so common in all of our lives. The older I become the more Max Lucado’s word impact me with their eloquence, truth and power. If you buy and read this book I bet someone will come to mind who you want to share the book with-I know that has been the case for me!!

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