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Financial Accountability In Ministry

April 3, 2018

No ministry is immune to the possibility of financial fraud. With many ministries and non-profits in the headlines for financial sloppiness or down right criminal behavior it is important to both the principle of stewardship and testimony for Christ to a watching world to be informed and full of integrity in matters of money. The book INTEGRITY AT STAKE by Rollie Dimos (Zondervan, 2016) is a very useful resource for helping reduce the risk of fraud or financial mismanagement. Rollie is both a certified financial professional but also a theologically trained seminary graduate who understands life in the context of church and ministry. The book is divided into two sections. The first is “A Frank Discussion On Potential Risks To Your Organization. It contains chapters like “what every leader needs to know about fraud risk”  and “Moving forward after fraud”. These are very helpful overviews to these topics readily  available to the average ministry leader, free of technical language or non-essential details.

Section two is a collection of “true case studies” involving various types and expressions of financial fraud in ministry and practical ways to prevent it. These make for compelling reading which I found hard to put down. The two appendices in the back are specific tools for performing  a fraud risk assessment and a check list for performing an internal audit. These tools alone would be worth the price of the book. I am teaching a class on youth ministry administration in the fall and I look forward to sharing many of the valuable insights I learned form this book-It is well worth your time and effort!

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