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Finishing Well!

June 13, 2018

According to the cover blurb, “only 30% of leaders finish well” (p.20). Author David Kraft and his book LEADERS WHO LAST (Crossway, 2010) has set out to help improve that bleak statistic. In a whimsical style that defies some normal leadership book categories David who served on the staff of The Navigators for 38 years walks the reader through a conversational journey hitting the highlights of leadership. The book is filled with great stories and quotations along with section ending reflection/discussion/application questions. The book is organized simply in three sections: Foundations-Formations-Fruitfulness with each chapterĀ  title beginning THE LEADERS…… As part of the RE:LIT (Resurgence Literature) series the book is supported by a web site containing blogs, video, audio as well as forms to print that enhance the value of the book. I am not sure I learned anything absolutely new about ministry or leadership in the book but it was very much like a great lunch conversation with an experienced leader and great story teller who reminds the reader what they know and ask if they are practicing and applying their knowledge through encouragement and illustrations! If your leadership needs a bit of a spark grab this book, read it and then share it with a friend.

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