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Fresh Perspectives On Vocation

July 8, 2018

In Max Lucado’s short very accessible book, YOU CAN BE EVERYTHING GOD WANTS YOU TO BE (2010, Thomas Nelson) selections are lifted from the much longer Cure For The Common Life. The value of the shorter version is the distillation of of Max’s best thinking on vocation and the ability to take a very broad and complex issue like calling and make it easy to digest, reflect upon even apply in bite sized pieces. Using language like ‘Sweet Spot ” as well as diagrams this 127 page book Max simplifies without “dumbing” down a great introduction or reminder of the ideas surrounding life calling. Pages 66-95 unpack the idea of “Studying Your S.T.O.R.Y.”.The acrostic stands for Strengths, Topics, Optimal Conditions, Relationships and Yes! Using stories, statistics, quotations and questions these ideas are explored and applied. It is a bit late for a graduation book for this spring but it would make a great gift for a high school or college graduate next commencement season. A youth worker might easily develop a camp curriculum or series of talks around these themes as well. Max closes this very useful book with this thought provoking question:

Moses had a staff

David had a sling

Sampson had a jawbone

Rahab had a string

Aaron had  a rod

Dorcus had a needle

All were used by God. What do you have?  (p.127)

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