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Powerful Answers to Some of Life’s Deep Questions

July 21, 2018

Utilizing the metaphor of two “book ends” that hold the various books that make up the human life authors Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington present the power of The Righteousness  of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit in their book The Bookends of the Christian Life (Crossway, 2009. 159 pages/soft cover) to solve some of the great questions of life like:

-How can I overcome guilt?

-How can I deal with the pressure to measure up?

-Where can I find the motivation to grow?

-Where do I draw the line between God’s grace and my works?  (p. 16).

I have been looking for a book that might be used with incoming university freshmen to cover the adjustment from a purely adolescent experience of faith in Christ to an adult experience of faith. Jerry Bridges has impacted many with his book, The Pursuit of Holiness but I now am convinced this might be his most important published work. The book utilizes chapters that include a breakdown of the three “gospel enemies” including, Self-righteousness, Persistent guilt and Self- reliance as well as “leaning on the first and second bookends. The illustrations and examples are personal and relational in focus. The diagrams and Scripture index make the book even more useful. I especially appreciated the short but powerful quotes from great puritans and the application questions and focal points in each chapter. I would love to see this book receive a greater reading because its message is a powerful 21st century restatement on the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ made accessible to all.   Buy a copy of this book for your library and personal edification and some copies to share!


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