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“The Grand Itinerant”

September 19, 2018

A Long Line of Godly Men Profiles has added a valuable introduction to the passionate preaching ministry of George Whitfield titled THE EVANGELISTIC ZEAL OF GEORGE WHITFIELD by Steven J. Lawson (Reformation Trust, A Division of Ligonier Ministries, 2013). This book differs from a traditional biography in its focus on Whitfield’s preaching rather than a chronological exploration of individual life events. This invites application of the Whitfield’s ministry passions an practices.

Chapter 6 titled, A Mandate From The Lord is illustrative of the set up of the books other chapters. It is outlined:

Sovereignly Called

Relentlessly Driven

Spiritually Energized and

Supernaturally Effective.

The chapter includes a great number of quotes from both George Whitfield himself but also biographers of the past and present, These are footnoted and are easy to utilize in an appendices titled NOTES for further study or reflection. There is a strong motivational element that runs through these chapters so those seeking a more critical assessment of Whitfield’s practices will need to seek additional volumes but this short work of 132 pages is a great reminder of the importance of Whitfield’s preaching and the resulting revivals or an outstanding introduction to this significant preacher from the annals of Church History.

The book concludes with the words, “Truly, we want again Whitfields!” All who read the book will echo that prayer and seek to personally emulate the man called , The Grand Itinerant when he was turned out of the church and its buildings so he preaching where he was invited and even  in the out of doors so the Gospel of Jesus Christ might be declared in power!

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