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A Powerful Friendship

March 31, 2019

I have greatly admired Bob Buford and Peter Drucker, both have individually written books that have influenced my life, my management skill and my leadership over the years. So I was very excited to find a copy of DRUCKER and ME: What a Texan Entrepreneur Learned from the Father of Modern Management (2014, Worthy Publishing). In this highly biographical series of remembrances of the years between Drucker and Buford. It was fascinating to pull back the curtain to see the home life and very personal sides of these two influential leaders.

The book is full of stories about the development of the Leadership Network and the role Willow Creek Church played in the the lives of these two men. The life lessons are transferable as are the great quotes on leadership mentoring and developing an organization. Each of the 14 chapters is readable in a single sitting. Two chapters were especially interesting to me, Chapter 12 MENTOR AND FRIEND and Chapter 13 THE GOD QUESTION. In Chapter 12 Buford discusses 9 mentoring principles(pp. 134-138) that could be their own book. They were so rich I incorporated them into a recent presentation to University mentors with real profit. A phrase Drucker used to describe himself and his christian experience is “I am a Kirkegardian” (p. 145). Drucker attended a local Episcopalian congregation in his neighborhood.

This is an encouraging read which exemplifies what “halftime” and a mentor can mean for a life and career. Get a copy and read it this spring then share it with a friend!

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