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How Purpose Changes Your Life

April 12, 2019

Any book that promises “a pathway to a life that matters” has a lot to live up to fulfill its expectations but THE POWER OF SIGNIFICANCE by John C. Maxwell (2017, Hatchette Book Group) lives up to its claims.

In this small volume of six chapters spanning 123 pages you will find everything you would expect in a John Maxwell book, great stories, powerful quotes, practical application points and inspiration. The thesis of the book is to intentionally begin writing a life story of significance.

John Wooden has been in mentioned many times in various John Maxwell books I have read over the years but in this volume he takes center stage playing a big role in shaping the  focus of the book. The section on Johns heart attack and its lessons was powerful(p.71-77 as was the section titled, The 7 Benefits of Intentional Living (p. 37-45). The only portion I was unable to appreciate were some personal reflections of John’s meeting Norman Vincent Peale (p.51-52). I do not share Johns very positive perspective on his message and theology. The book closes with instructions on how to join in a larger community of those impacted by the book by sharing  personal dreams at

The book is well worth reading and having for all it contains including a closing Franciscan blessing:

May God bless you with discomfort,

At easy answers, half-truths,

And superficial relationships

So that you may live

Deep within your heart…….

So that you can do

What others claim cannot be done

To bring justice and kindness

To all our children and the poor.



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