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Lead Small

May 23, 2019

How to set up Small groups and how to lead them are two very significant issues in 21st century ministry today both in the broader church context as well as youth ministry. In the wonderful little book, LEAD SMALL:Five Big Ideas Every Small Group Leader Needs To Know by Reggie Joiner and Tom Schefchunas (2012, Orange-A Division of Re-think) two veteran ministry practitioners lay out clearly, and simply the “how Too’s” of small group ministry leadership. The book is predicated on the following 5 principles which also serve as chapter titles:

Be Present

Create A Safe Place

Partner With Parents

Make It Personal

Move Them Out

Each chapter includes thoughtful expansion on what these ministry principles mean as well as  prompts for journaling and specific applications for diverse age groups all presented in a relaxed conversational tone. If you are familiar with other resources produced  by Orange you will be expecting the  creative layout of the book ,if not is is fresh and whimsical and even fun to read. If you use only one tool to train your small group leaders for any age this is the resource of choice. Highly recommended!!

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