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May 24, 2019

As a fan of listening to books in my car I have often wondered if an audio book could ever be significantly better than a print copy and now I know the answer is a resounding YES as it relates to the audio book MOSAIC: Pieces of My Life So Far by Amy Grant ( Read by Amy Grant, unabridged, 2007, Brilliance Audio)

As a life long fan of Amy’s work (We are about the same age) I was fascinated as she shared tales from her childhood, the background of how some of her songs were written and recorded and the longings as well as the motivations behind her interest and fascination with Christmas music. She includes portion of songs and poetry and introduces the listener to a wide variety of friends and family along the way.

The content was long on intimate moments of both success and failures but with very little if any content about the more controversial elements of Amy’s life and you cant help but relate to the honest ups and downs in even the life of a best selling musician. The snippets of songs, transparent discussions of times of spiritual growth and challenges with family members leading to personal learning and growth all make up the rich tapestry of Amy’s story. In the end I saw myself in some of the remembrances, I learned and I was encouraged. I smiled, laughed  and even  I shed a tear or two so pop one of the four CD’s into your car audio system and enjoy making a new friend with someone you may have listen to for years!


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