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It is a Question of Questions…..

July 14, 2019

James Thurber once said, ” It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers”. The truth of that  statement came to me this past 4th of July as my family and I sat on the porch waiting out a summer heat storm to resume our backyard fun. As the rain fell I remembered I had recently purchased THE COMPLETE BOOK OF QUESTIONS: 1001 Conversations Starters for Any Occasion By Garry Poole (2003, Zondervan) and so decided to break it out for a test usage. The questions are numbered and organized by theme and focus:

1-100 Light and Easy

101-200 Personal Profile

201-300 Preferences

301-400 “Blast From the Past”

401-500 Just Imagine

501-600 Viewpoints

601-700 Hard Hitting

701-800 From The Heart

801-900 Spiritually Speaking

901-1001 Extreme Spiritual Matters

During the course of the rain storm induced conversations every chapter was covered at one time or another as family and friends joined us and exited from the porch. Every question was thought provoking and by allowing people to “select their number to speak to” there was no awkwardness or taboo subjects but of course everyone could “self edit”  and so be comfortable at their selected level of sharing.

It quickly became apparent how even family members were learning things they did not know before about people and the thought passed my mind, “Every Family Needs a book of Questions like this to have on hand” but the more I thought about it every church, every small group, every Sunday school class, every youth group could benefit by having a tool like this and using it regularly. I highly recommend this tool!!



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