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Listening To The Walt Disney Story

July 27, 2019

I recently came across a two CD audio biography on Walt Disney titled FASCINATING WALT DISNEY:Hear How Walt’s Dreams Came Through, written and narrated  by Stephen Schochet for Tales From Hollywood, in 1998.

As a life long fan of all things Disney from my childhood it was tremendously interesting to hear the story of Walt’s early life as well as leadership principles Walt employed in working through years of disappointment and set backs. The quotes from Walt about the  development of Mickey Mouse through out Walt’s life was amazing. Part One explored Walt as the Artist and the formative experiences in his youth that formed his perspectives and dreams for his future. Part Two was titled The Entrepreneur and dealt with Walt’s later business dealing  with his brother Roy and his role in the Disney Studio strike and the building of the theme parks. Of special interest was the background on the movies like Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty and Dumbo and their lack of initial box office success and the role of television in building brand interest and promote re-releases of the films. I loved the story of Jungle Book which was the last movie Walt personally influenced from start to finish.

I loved listening to and learning from Walt’s story, pick up a copy of this audio presentation and I know you will as well!!

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