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Insights For Young Leaders

September 12, 2019

Developing young leaders is a crucial task and having the tools necessary to help with the task is essential for any one in ministry. LEADERSHIP INSIGHTS For Emerging Leaders and Those Investing In Them  by Steve Moore (2002, Top Flight Leadership) is a very valuable tool in the process.

Each of the 24 individual topics is divided into 3 sections beginning with Spiritual Formation then moving to Ministry Formation and concluding with Strategic (Leadership) Formation. The chapters are designed to be used as an “on-demand workshop” (p.11) with an almost leadership conference in a book feel. The chapters follow a similar layout beginning with a thought provoking like the start of Chapter 3 Failure and Vicarious Learning “Failure is the drastic surgery God sometimes has to use to cut the stubborn nerve of self sufficiency in a leaders life”  Tom Marshall (p.31). Content is the focus for several pages and concludes with a Working It Out section with ideas for application and reflection. I found every chapter helpful but of special attention and impact were chapter 13 Historical Mentoring: How to Benefit From Biographies, Chapter 15 Reading Right: How To Get The Most From A Book and my favorite, Chapter 14 Lessons On Communication From D.L. Moody.

While these articles/chapters were written with young leaders aged 20-30 (p.10)I found the content valuable for review as an older leader as well. This is book worth buying, worth reading and worth using in the mentoring process with young developing leaders for the next generation!

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