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Getting Beyond Potential To Experience Success and Significance!

September 30, 2019

John C. Maxwell who has trained more than 5 million people on the topics explores basic principles of success and significance in his recent book, 3 Things Successful People Do: The Road Map That Will Change your life (Nelson Books, 2016). Utilizing the traditional Maxwell recipe for effective communication the book begins with research on the definition of success (p.2) as well as the common misconceptions about success. John then summarizes his working definition “Knowing Your Purpose In Life, growing to Reach your Maximum Potential and sowing Seeds That Benefit Others” (P. 11).

The rest of the book is divided into three sections of three chapters each centered around the theme of each part of the definition of success. In addition to the great stories, personal illustrations from his own life and family John concludes each chapter with thoughtful and penetrating questions to reflect upon and answer with some chapters including worksheets. The temptation of course is to read right through the book, which is entertaining and motivating and skip the hard work of the personal application sections but the true value is found in the time consuming effort required to personalize the material. But when that happens John becomes more than just the author of the book but a personal coach through the printed page.

Like most Maxwell books the material is well presented, personable, interesting and applicable for a wide variety of starting points from the readers perspective. I recommend reading this book either as a refresher or as a start to the journey of clearly identifying your personal mission statement and first steps to fulfilling all God has for  your life. It is also a valuable resource for young leaders just starting out in their vocational journey.


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