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Small Steps: Great Change!

November 11, 2019

Someone has said the only thing that stays the same is the constant of change. Sometimes the need for change is intentional and positive other times not, but discovering the science of how people change has been a boon to my understanding of how change works in my personal life and I have the book ONE SMALL STEP CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE:The Kaizen Way by Robert Mauer, Ph.D. (Workman Publishing, 2004) to thank.

The book begins with the history of Japanese corporations and the business lessons they learned rebuilding after World War 2, It is founded on the saying, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”  Leo Tzu (p. 4) and built on existing “Training Within Industries ” management philosophies. Chapter two explores the science of change and the necessity for most people to overcome the frighting nature of change as well as fear of failure. It diagrams out something like this:

Large goal–fear–Access to brain cortex restricted–failure        compared to

Small goal–fear bypassed–brain cortex engaged–success   (p.26)

What I found especially shocking was the incredibly tiny steps required in small goals, in fact many of the illustrations of small goals and steps were so infinitesimal that they were almost humorous…which perhaps is part of the point.

The rest of the book explains and  illustrates the need to:

Ask Small Questions, Think small thoughts,take small actions and solve small problems. Many of these concepts I had tried over the years and found them to be helpful I just did not have the language, context or science to explain why …until now.

Especial  helpful were the specific  “Exercises” including sample scripts suggested throughout the book mt favorite is found on pages 114-118 titled, “What Will Be Your First Small Step?

At less than 180 pages the book is very accessible, fast to read and easy to apply. It has been one of the most interesting and helpful self-help book I have read in years. I recommend you give it a chance when you are ready for intentional positive change!



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