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“Leaders are Readers”

Books are to those in ministry as hammers and saws are to contractors. they are the tools of the trade. Welcome to a blog dedicated to reading and books as they impact ministry development.

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    Good Day
    I am Dr. Kevin Turner since August of 2000 I have been on the faculty of Colorado Christian University. Before that I was on the pastoral staff of First Presbyterian Church in Tacoma WA. Over the years in both contexts I have been requested to share a reading list with others who love books and how they contribute to our growth and development as people and as ministers for the Gospel of Christ. This blog is an answer to the quesions, “what are you reading? and “what books are you recomending”?. I look forward to updating the blog book lists on a regular basis. I look forward to your comments on the books listed as well. Blessings and happy reading!

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    The first book to be presented is Weddings, Funerals and Special Events edited by Eugene Peterson and published by Word as a part of The Leadership Library. This excellent volume answers the critical questions about practical/applied theology relating to special event in ministry. Special emphasis is layed on Weddings and Funerals. This broadly evangelical presentation avoinds sectarian/denominational distinctives and focuses on the nuts and bolts of how to actually do these events and how these events are to be considered in the full context of ministry. The book is not in print but as of 3/3/09 is widly available as a used book on a variety of websites and should be on every young ministers libraryshelf.

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